2 Simple Steps To Create A Website And Make Money

The online space is great for watching cat videos and for creeping on your friends on facebook.

A lot of people spend their time on the internet doing these things along with many other mind-numbing activities.

Some of these activities are negative and some are just plain time-wasters. This is fine, because the internet was designed for us to consume it’s contents and most people are happy with just doing that.

Not you, though.

You want to be productive with your time on the internet. You want to make money on the internet.

I wrote this article to help you get started on your online money-making endeavors.

First, we’ll create a website, which will be the online property in which our customers will frequent and hopefully spend money at.

Secondly, we’ll explore the money making mechanisms that will generate you revenue. And because your website is open 24 hours a day unlike a business in real-life, it can always be visited, and generate money constantly. Even when you sleep.

Of course, that is the objective, and it is not something that will be given out to you once you begin. You will have to put in the work and dedication in the form of studying, learning, and networking.

This article will be an outline for you to start going. For every topic discussed in this article, there is a skill to be mastered, and you can dig ever deeper into the knowledge pool that exists for it.

1. Create A Website Free

The first step is to create a website.

We need to get that business-front, if we’re comparing this a money making business in real-life.

Fortunately, on the internet, getting some property is quite inexpensive and quick. We don’t need to buy land or buy property. No zoning regulations or lawyers involved.

Just two steps:

  1. Obtaining a domain which is essentially an address for our business.
  2. Integrating a content managment system. You can think of this as the actual interior layout of your business.

Get A Domain Name

There are a a few sites you can buy domains from:


If you want to build a free website, you’ll have to use a content management site that also provides free hosting services.

Taking this route means your domain name will also include the hosting service’s brand.

For example, if the hosting service was called hostingservice and your website domain name is yourwebsite, your website’s URL will look like:

some these sites that offer this are:


For the purpose of this article, we are going to use my recommended website building platform called SiteRubix.

This is the in house site-building for the online marketing university that I am enrolled in. If you want to dig deeper into that knowledge pool like I was saying earlier, then that is the place.

The nice thing about building a website on a hosting service integrated with a content management system is that it reduces the amounts of steps it takes to start actually building your website.

The SiteRubix platform is integrated with WordPress content management system, and hosted on its own servers.

Once you’ve registered for a free acount you can choose your free domain name as shown below.

Next, you will choose the name of your domain. You will want to choose a name that is easily reconizable within your niche. If you have not chosen a niche for your website yet, read this article about choosing your money-making niche.

Another thing to take into consideration when choosing your domain name is how relevant the name is to keywords that people search on Google. You can use a keyword search tool to do this. I recommend using Jaaxy keyword tool.

Picking a domain name that is aleady regularly searched will make generating traffic much easier, and thus you’ll have a bit of a head start when you start buildring up your website.

The next step will be to start choosing the aesthetics of your website. Yup, we’re already at that point. Another reason why using a sitebuilding platform is a good idea.

The first thing you want to choose is your theme which is the general layout of your website.

Everything after this step will be up to your own personal creative proclivities.

In your WordPress dashboard you can customize everything about your website. There is so much content to explore when learning WordPress. Most of the basics you can learn in online education systems.

The main thing I want to go over when it comes to customizing your website is the content you will be filling it with. This will lead directly into the second part of creating a website that makes money.

Built into the SiteRubix platform is a content creator called SiteContent

This is where you will write your content that will be published as either a page or a post onto your website.

If you are a little bit unsure of how you are going to go about doing this, here’s an article about creating great content for your website.

2. How To Make Money With My Website

So you have you’ve just created a website for free, and now it’s a matter of being creative and filling it up with interesting and though provoking content.

With all this interesting content on your website, especially if it’s strategically placed you will eventually start to generate traffic.

All those eyes on your website can be converted to dollar amounts. Here are 3 ways to do this.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the concept of introducing a product to a consumer and upon purchase of the product, you will be paid a commission.

I believe this is the future of marketing. This article on why I think this is the top business of our generation is a good read if you want to explore that idea further.

Once you have traffic to your site, and if your site is actually attracting, through keywords, the right niche, then a percentage will most likely make purchases.

To start monetizing your website with this method sign up with affiliate programs through companies like Amazon and Target.

Look up any large retailer and you’ll start to notice that all of them tend to have affiliate programs now. It is a smart business decision afterall, as the internet has billions of users on it, and that is a lot of money left on the table if large companies didn’t decide to affiliate with it’s content creators.

2. Pay Per Impression or PPM

PPM is a type of advertisement that is directed at all the traffic that your site generates.

It is usually in a form of a banner on the sidebar of the site or in the middle of an article.

As long as there are eyes upon the ad, you will generate a bit of revenue.

The most common program of this kind is Google Adsense. Google will pay you a small amount of money for every new user that comes to your site. This can add up over time if you generate a lot of traffic. And if you do generate traffic, this is a huge opportunity loss if you do not take advantage of it.

Chances are, this won’t be the main revenue generating for your site, but it can easily be scaled up if you have PPM on multiple websites across many niches.

3. Sell Your Website

Yes, sell all that hard work that took so much figurative sweat, blood, and tears to build.

And no, you won’t be selling the website that you just started an hour ago, because it is completely worthless right now (but it won’t be in 6 months, don’t worry).

This is something that is quite common for mature websites because they generate lots of traffic and all that traffic has a monetary value to it.

Believe it or not there are entrepreneurs out there that are looking to buy websites that generate a lot of traffic so that they can share their own message or product.

They are willing to paid a lot of money for the convenience of not having to produce the content and required search engine optimization that goes into building a successful website.

Websites like are brokers for this kind of transaction. Websites generallly go for 20 to 25 times the revenue they generate in a month. So if you are interested in getting a huge lump sum of money for your website, this may be the route for you.

Of course, this will be way further down the road, after you’ve been working on your content consistently and making sure you are competitive in your niche.


In this day and age, creating a website and making money, either with ads or with affiliate marketing, is more simple than ever.

This does not mean it is easy though. The required steps all take time and careful dedication to achieve, and not to mention a little bit of creativity too.

But if you are a motivated person that is truly intentional in making money online instead of just wasting time on it, then you will be successful. There are thousands of people making full-time incomes online. As can be seen here at this online university.

With the right mindset and education, the business landscape online can be yours to conquer.

Make sure you leave a comment below with the name of your website, what it’s about, and how you plan on making money with it.



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