The Top Business: Marketing Entrepreneurs

If you are like me, you’ve refused to settle and work for someone else’s company. Like me, you are always on the look out for something better.

A lot of times, this will lead you to entertain thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur. This is a sexy word these days. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur.

Television shows like Shark’s Tank and the Canadian variant- Dragon’s Den, seemingly give us a glimpse of what it’s like: You come up with ideas and people either embrace them or you get rejected. Seems kind of risky, to be frank.

The seeming riskiness of becoming an entrepreneur is one of the major obstacles in someone taking that path. Traditionally, a business-idea comes to fruition because of the energy and money the business-owner injects into it.

Usually, it’s a lot of money.

To the average person, this may seem just like buying a lottery ticket. They say: I put money in, and maybe there is a good outcome… I’m gambling! But, personally, I think this just a…

A Fallacy In Approach.

The average dude that enters into the business-world will have had his idea brewing in his head for the last half of his life already.

It’s one of those typical conversations one has with his co-workers: entertaining thoughts of opening a business because of this one great idea, fed of the menial tasks at work, or sick of being bossed around.

Nothing wrong with that, and a minority of people actually do act upon their ideas because of this motivation.

They often fail.

In my opinion, they fail because they approached building a successful business from the bottom-up.

They have a grand vision of what product they will develop, how they’ll market their brand and they strive towards its fruition. Doing all that work, and never considering whether or not the market is in need of their contributions. Risky business.

Marketing, on the other hand, whether it is content-based or just traditional ads, is one of the very best entrepreneurial endeavors one can take part in.

Especially as a beginner entering into the business world, when funds are low, and because of a day job or other obligations, time is scarce. The fundamental idea of a marketing entrepreneur is this:

Leverage successful products that already exist

and build around them by developing your own brand. There is so much an individual can contribute to the online community through expression in the form of ideas, enthusiasm or just plain charming-ness.

Not to mention, the average consumer is looking for someone to turn to so they can feel confident about their capitalistic endeavors. Especially if this content creator is an expert or even an aspiring expert in the niche.

Oftentimes, reviews (done in an entertaining manner) can be invaluable to the consumer, because he will not have the time to evaluate all products in a niche effectively.

An audience can be developed around your own individualistic personality and quirkiness.

Basically, a brand. We all love listening to certain personalities, whether it is Youtube content or podcasts, and these people give us immense value. Before this all sounds too easy to be true.

There is a technical aspect to the execution of this. There is a learning-curve, and a lot of training to be done. Although, it takes far less time and money than traditional business routes.

What you want to do now is find a source of said training, and a group of like-minded people. I’m one of them. But I’m also part of a large community of free-thinkers at Wealthy Affiliate.

Through my many months of research in education tools for marketing business’, I found the education at Wealthy Affiliate to be the most content-rich. There is also a cool “open-source” thing going on there, so that all members can contribute to the learning process. I’ve made it a goal for me this year to attend every Friday webinar. Anyway, enough about me.

This is about your brand

and what you bring to the community, nobody else can. Passion begets passion. No doubt, being around a group of high-earning marketers will also rub off on all of us.

==>Take your affiliate marketing education seriously.


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