Behave Yourself

Your behaviors determine your destiny. Take a top-down look at yourself, as if you are a scientist studying an animal in captivity, and you’ll realize that daily-life is simply just a set of your unique routinized behaviors. These behaviors serve … Read more


Pain sucks… but it’s useful. Depite how shitty of a feeling it is, having a mature attitude towards pain is necessary for personal growth. Understanding our own pain we can find practical solutions to them. In turn, we can understand … Read more

On Having Fun

Have a cheery, playful attitude towards all tasks that life entrusts into you. Don’t be naive, complacent and folly. Be hyper-aware and then unaffected anyway. Never lose your optimistic-nature when you’re struggling upwards. Then, you can face danger and chaos … Read more

Drugs and People Skills

If you want to be good at interpersonal dynamics, you kinda have to be a drug peddler… Your client’s must be happy with the product so that they keep on coming back. Hopefully, in the best case scenario, they become … Read more


A while ago, I set out to write 2 articles a week, for the rest of my life. That lasted about 2 months. Alas, the week before the writing of this article I missed a deadline. It was writer’s block, … Read more