Marketers Ruin Everything

A famous quote by Gary Vaynerchuk inspired the title for this article.

He didn’t say this to insult marketers. Gary Vee is one of the most famous people on the internet, and this was thanks to marketing.

Gary Vee was just hilighting the nature of marketing itself. The behavior of a market is so that it cycles between a state of trends and novelty.

This means it constantly shifts through time as the environment changes. The environment change can encompass factors like politics and technological growth.

For example, high speed internet allows people to access value whenever they want.

This was a huge change. Total access means that your ads for TV are not as effective because they can now be skipped over.

Advertising on billboards and TV commercials

If you look around you while you drive a lot of people are on their phones.

While we drive, our passengers are most likely on their phone. Heck, sometimes we are even on our phones. It’s a bad habit, and you know it.

It is now far more rewarding to be on our devices than to enjoy a view during a car ride.

Marketers have used these things in the past, but now they are not seeing the returns they use to.


Content marketing is still highly effective.

This marketing strategy relies on the creation of a lot of content being created for the sake of providing value to the niche itself. Free content and a loyal audience are key to successful blogging.

Therefore, marketers that take this route usually create quite a bit of content before they are seen as an “authority” and able to generate the traffic that is required to partner with companies. These days, search engines are pretty good at determining variables that point to an authority.

When the quality of the content is professional and valuable, you can combine this with PPC to develop a marketing list.

Pay To Play

Advertisement is something a business needs to take seriously.

If you can successfully find the right market for a product and prove that it converts, these businesses will reward you with a large commission. The marketplace, like Facebook, will take its cut, but even then, the profit margins are very high.

As an advertiser you are a bridge between vendor and customer. The biggest companies in the world are the ones that find out how to do this the best. They plan the delivery of this information so that it impacts the people that are fit for purchase. Conversions will be high. The audience will be narrowed or they will scale up the operation.

There are many ways to do this.

The main ways that it is being done in this day and age is paid advertisement in the digital realm.

Like, I was saying earlier, nobody is looking out through windows during a car ride. Instead, they are looking down at their phones.

I think owning a bit of that attention real estate is important.

Basically, you have to buy it from Facebook because they own a lot of that real estate.

Like I said, the value is there. You just have to know how to take it.


Why Are Profits So High?

The great thing about selling a lot of value on the internet is the high margins in profit.

If you sell a digital product, the profit to cost ratio is really high.

This is because a digital product is essentially just information. All the value comes from gaining access to the product, which is very easy to provide. The value we get in money in return is proportional, but the really cool thing is that we can do it on a large scale if we have the skill.

In fact, most of the value that physical products have is in the informational aspect of it.

This is what a “brand” does. Two companies can purchase the same type of shirt from the manufacturer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be retailed at the same price.

The better brand will always cost the consumer more.

Therefore, you can use digital marketing to promote physical products that are high ticket.

Final Thoughts

Well, thanks for reading my ramblings.

I’m learning about this marketing world right now, and it’s a lot to take it! It’s almost like I have to write blogs so I can organize it all in my head.

I’d love to hear about your journey through online marketing in the comments below!

Talk to you later.







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